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Introducing Nail Supply Glamour's Poly Gel collection, offering a revolutionary solution for creating flawless nail extensions with ease. Our Glamour Poly Gel combines the flexibility of gels with the strength of acrylics, providing a versatile and durable option for nail enhancements. Explore a range of vibrant shades and finishes that allow you to customize your manicures with precision and style. Whether you're a professional nail technician or a DIY enthusiast, our Glamour Poly Gel is designed to streamline the nail extension process and deliver salon-quality results at home.

Discover the all-in-one convenience of our Glamour Poly Gel Kit, featuring everything you need to embark on your Poly Gel nail journey. From Poly Gel tubes in assorted colors to essential tools for shaping, sculpting, and curing, our kit ensures a seamless application process and stunning nail designs. Elevate your nail art game with our comprehensive Poly Gel Kit and unlock endless possibilities for creative and beautiful nail extensions.

Enhance your Poly Gel nail techniques with our premium selection of Glamour Poly Gel Tools, designed to optimize the application and shaping process. From dual-ended spatulas for precise product placement to nail forms for creating custom nail shapes, our tools are crafted to cater to your Poly Gel needs. Achieve professional-looking Poly Gel extensions with ease using our high-quality tools that provide control, accuracy, and efficiency in your nail art creations.

Transform your nail care routine and elevate your manicures with Nail Supply Glamour's Glamour Poly Gel collection. Experience the versatility, durability, and beauty of Poly Gel nail enhancements, and unleash your creativity with our vibrant colors and professional-grade tools. Elevate your nail art game with Glamour Poly Gel and discover the art of effortless and stunning nail extensions today.

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Glamour POLY GEL (Clear) Glamour POLY GEL (Clear)
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Glamour Poly Gel Kit Glamour Poly Gel Kit
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Glitter Poly Gel #001 Glitter Poly Gel #001
Our Price: $4.99

Press On Clip Press On Clip
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Diamonds Sculpting Pen Diamonds Sculpting Pen
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